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Silicone - Super Concentrate
Innobond Magna
Silicone super concentrate for super surface smoothness and suitable for bottom wears and Denims

Innobond Ultrapure
Super concentrate silicones for excellent buttery touch with limpiness for shirting and knitted goods

Innobond Aqua
Amido modified polysiloxane micro super concentrate, that can be used for whites and hydrophilic requirements. The product offers excellent silky touch on woven and other goods.

Silicone - Micro Gels
Innobond Solvo
60% Micro gel that dissolves in water easily and produces all round performance on all kind of substrate of cotton, PC, Woolen and other synthetics

Innobond Ultramax
Microgel that provides excellent silky touch with smoothness on all kinds of substrates of cotton and cotton blends

Innobond Touch
Low – medium viscous touch are micro gels are used effectively for dhoties, garments and all kinds of substrates with very good value addition

Silicone - Micro Classic
Innobond Prime
Classic Micro Silicones that produces silky wet touch on all kinds of substrates

Innobond AS

Ready to use classic micro silicone emulsions that produces soft elastic effect for garments in exhaustion

Innobond NSilo
Ready to use classic micro emulsions for slippery smoothness for wearer comforts

Innobond Maxfeel
Ready to use, excellent value added micro silicones for garments

Innobond Elaster
Ready to use classic micro emulsions for elastomeric touch on knits and shirting fabrics

Silicones - Macro Classic
Innobond Drycrest
Excellent combination of body and bouncy can be provided to polyester and other synthetic fabrics with Drycrest due to its crosslinking macro polymers

Innobond Drymax
Drymax is classic macro emulsion that provides maximum dry feel onto polyester and other synthetic blends

Innobond Infra
Infra provides best possible balance between softness, body, bouncy and smoothness and is suitable for all substrates viz cotton, polyester, nylon, woollen and acrylic and other blends

Innobond Max
Provides excellent surface smoothness for dhotis in padding applications and compatible OBA, PVA and other bath additives

Silicones - Specialties
Innobloom Bright
Micro silicone gel that offers excellent slippery touch to all garments and fabrics with 5-10 % shade enhancement for

Innoglide 40
Excellent Sewing thread Lubricants for improved physical strength with minimal co-efficient of friction.

Innowick Nano
Nano is an excellent wicking agent based on polyether modified polysiloxane and is suitable for moisture management range of garments like sports and inner wear

Innobond Optica
Hindered amino polysiloxane for natural silk softness for all kinds of white goods.